Feed the Fridge is an effort to bring nourishment where there is hunger while helping pandemic-battered restaurants stay in business. We do this by placing refrigerators around the DC metro area and paying local restaurants to fill them with fresh meals daily. We also hand-deliver holiday meals to seniors who cannot leave their homes.

Thousands of meals have been delivered already and your support will help feed more. Donate today and 100% of proceeds will start feeding fridges.

How it Works

High quality meals prepared fresh

Restaurants prepare hundreds of meals with high standards for quality, nutrition and covid-friendly distribution. Each meal is made fresh each day with our nutritional standard of 1/3 produce, 1/3 protein and 1/3 carbohydrates.
We source high quality restaurants throughout the DC area who provide a variety of cuisines for a dignified experience.

Delivered daily to all locations

Every morning, we pick up freshly prepared meals from participating restaurants and deliver to refrigerators in community centers throughout the city. Each refrigerator is cleaned and sanitized then carefully loaded with up to 100 meals each.

Kids pick-up and enjoy a real meal

Students, seniors and others in need are invited to walk up to any of our refrigerators and help themselves. No questions. No limits.

20,000 Meals for 2020!

By the end of 2020, we are on track to deliver over 6,000 meals to refrigerators plus another 9,000 meals hand-delivered to seniors spending holidays alone. We have the capacity to expand delivery to over 20,000 meals by the end of the year but we need your help to make it possible.

Feed the Fridge by Donating

$20 buys a few meals for fridges
$50 buys 7 meals
$100 buys 15 meals
$250 buys 40 meals
$1000 buys 175 meals!

For corporate sponsorships, please email sponsorships@feedthefridge.org. Let’s make a big impact together!

100% of proceeds go towards the cost of making meals, keeping local restaurants busy and of course, food for our fridges. Remember, your donations are tax deductible.

Fridge Locations

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For media inquiries, partnership requests or anything else, please reach out! Let’s work together to help our communities in need.

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